Freshways is the UK’s largest independent processing dairy.  Freshways use ISYS Roundsman and ISYS Mobile throughout their operations.

Freshways supply milk and cream to many wholesale, manufacturing and retail customers throughout Britain.  Their processing plant in West London processes 4 million litres of milk a week, which makes Freshways the country’s largest independent processing dairy.  In addition to milk and cream, Freshways also sources and supplies a wide range of own label and branded food including bread, yoghurt, fruit juices, cheeses and eggs.

Freshways’ delivery drivers used to complete and issue delivery notes from a 2-part pre-printed book.  They would then enter the items delivered into their back office management package, Roundsman Enterprise on their return to the depot. In addition, the collection of monies owed and recording of any returns and breakages were a manual and resource intensive operation.

In the summer of 2012 Freshways ordered 80 Casio IT9000s running Roundsman Mobile.  Roundsman Mobile, developed by Isys Interactive Systems, manages all aspects of the delivery driver’s round. The key functionalities are:

  • Drivers have to complete their vehicle checklist
  • Drivers can see how much product is loaded
  • Drivers can see their round and all pre-ordered quantities
  • Drivers can add and amend deliveries, record returns and breakages
  • Drivers can take photographs, record payments and capture signatures
  • Drivers can print delivery notes
  • Drivers can take a future order from the customer
  • Drivers can produce end of round reports detailing deliveries and collections
  • Two way messaging with the office
  • Round progress and delivery details are updated ‘live’, improving customer service

Isys Interactive Systems is a UK based software house , which develops a number of management software packages. ISYS specialise in developing back office, web based and mobile solutions.

Roundsman Enterprise is a software solution for the dairy delivery and food service industry.  RMe manages all operations from customer management, order processing, pricing round and delivery management, invoicing, sales ledger and business reporting.

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