ISYS Weighsoft for Skip Hire Companies
ISYS Weighsoft offers the complete solution for Skip Hire businesses. Weighsoft is a modern, browser based application that is simple to use, yet powerful, flexible and can be tailored to your needs.  Weighsoft offers customer and supplier portals, numerous mobile applications, automated weighbridge interfaces and links to on-board weighing. The new ISYS Weighsoft application has been designed and delivered based on more than 30 years' experience in the industry.  Weighsoft can deliver efficiency and powerful analysis. The Weighsoft Skip Hire
ISYS Weighsoft Trade Waste Collections
ISYS Weighsoft has a brand new Trade Waste Collections module that manages the whole process, including contracts, duty of cares, round allocation, invoicing and reporting. Weighsoft can also link direct to your bin lifts, providing you with valuable information such as bin identification, bin weights and lifter usage. Trade waste contracts can be setup with as many items, actions and frequencies as required.  Contracts and Duty of Care documentation can be produced simply and emailed direct to customers. Contract items can
ISYS muniDATA Municipal Waste Collections
ISYS muniDATA is a waste collections solution that has been written specifically for local authorities and their contractors. Properties can be uploaded and updated from LLPG data.  Properties can have a number of containers and waste types associated with them.  Assisted and highlighted lifts can be configured and risk assessment notes recorded against properties, roads and rounds. Rounds can be configured manually or via updates from third party routing packages.  Rounds can be monitored live, giving your transport staff exact
ISYS Weighsoft Aggregate and Material Sales
ISYS Weighsoft has a sales order, despatch planning and weighbridge module that has been designed specifically for the aggregates industry. Customer pricing takes account of both delivered and ex-pit rates, with varying haulage costs depending on the size of vehicle, haulier, product and unit of sale. Material orders can be placed and despatches called off over any period.  All work for a quarry or plant can be seen on the simple daily schedule screen and vehicle allocation is simple. Orders
ISYS MediWaste for Medical Waste Collections
ISYS MediWaste can be used in all areas of the clinical waste industry to meet the most demanding applications. The ISYS Mediwaste is fully integrated and provides a high level of compliance from collection through to disposal. Mediwaste is a flexible modular application that can be used in all areas of the clinical waste industry and can be adapted to meet the most demanding applications. Mediwaste was introduced to the clinical waste industry in 1993 to meet the ever increasing demands
ISYS SWOPS for Hazardous Waste Collections
ISYS SWOPS is a specialist application utilised in the hazardous waste management, hazardous waste disposal and waste collection business. SWOPS provides clients with the ability to track and trace each consignment through to job completion handling all paperwork transactions and maintaining full control for invoicing & management reporting. ISYS assists its customers in achieving the highest standards of legislative compliance and aiming to exceed customer expectations at every level. Key features: SWOPS handles the initial enquiry process through to completion
ISYS Weighbridge Software
ISYS has a wealth of experience in providing weighbridge software for more than 30 years.  Our solutions range from simple ticket entry to multiple, un-manned bridges operated with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). ISYS weighbridge software has been installed into the following industry sectors: Aggregates including coated products and fabricated products Agriculture Landfill Transfer Stations Energy from Waste Plants ( EfW) AD Plants (Anaerobic Digestion) Recycling Companies-Plastics Paper Tyres Waste Re-processing Companies WEEE Processing ISYS weighbridge software can link through
ISYS Roundsman for Dairy Delivery and Food Service
ISYS Roundsman has been written specifically for the dairy delivery and food service industry and is being used by companies who operate in both the wholesale and doorstep sectors. ISYS Roundsman is an end to end package that will manage your sales orders, stock control, round management, delivery notes, invoicing and sales ledger.  Optional handhelds for your delivery drivers deliver further efficiencies and savings as well as delivering real-time information to your depot. ISYS Roundsman currently has a back office application that
ISYS FleetEye Vehicle and Asset Tracking
ISYS FleetEye is a browser based vehicle tracking solution, that delivers much more than basic track and trace. FleetEye can link to on-board equipment and feed live information back to your transport department.  For example, users can see if a sweeper brush is active or the current gross weight of the vehicle.  For transporters of fragile goods, we can show you the current temperature of your load area. FleetEye can integrate to your fleet's can-bus and can report on driver
ISYS Mobile Applications
ISYS have been providing mobile solutions for more than 10 years.  As well as developing our own solutions, our experienced team have written bespoke applications for companies large and small. [caption id="attachment_416" align="alignleft" width="300"] L&S Waste Management with ISYS-Systems[/caption] ISYS Mobile has been used in the Waste Management sector for more than 10 years and over the past couple of years our new Android apps have been running.  Android means that the customer can choose a device that fits their