Vehicle tracking

ISYS FleetEye is a browser based vehicle tracking solution, that delivers much more than basic track and trace.

FleetEye can link to on-board equipment and feed live information back to your transport department.  For example, users can see if a sweeper brush is active or the current gross weight of the vehicle.  For transporters of fragile goods, we can show you the current temperature of your load area.

FleetEye can integrate to your fleet’s can-bus and can report on driver behaviour.  Other useful reports include in and out of specified areas, start of day report, daily overview and locations visited.

NEW FOR 2018 is integration with ISYS Mobile for Android.  Instead of installing a modem in the vehicle, you can track the vehicle via the mobile app.

FleetEye offers integration to other ISYS products to help maximise the benefits.

FleetEye is fixed cost and doesn’t tie you in to long-term, inflexible contracts.

To find out more about our Vehicle tracking, please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a demonstration or click here to download a Fleeteye Vehicle Tracking brochure.