Special waste software
ISYS SWOPS is a specialist application utilised in the hazardous waste management, hazardous waste disposal and waste collection business.

SWOPS provides clients with the ability to track and trace each consignment through to job completion handling all paperwork transactions and maintaining full control for invoicing & management reporting. ISYS assists its customers in achieving the highest standards of legislative compliance and aiming to exceed customer expectations at every level.

Key features:

SWOPS handles the initial enquiry process through to completion of contract enabling workflow for the following areas:

Drummed waste collection
Drummed waste collection services and one-off removal of laboratory materials to regular consignment collections are all handled by the SWOPS enquiry process.

Bulk waste collections
Rigid and articulated tankers can be deployed offering a range of collection options to suit the nature of your waste consignment through the SWOPS enquiry process.

On-site laboratory analysis
SWOPS enables Laboratory Services teams to enter vital analytical/component information including company specific test whether the load is being treated on site or being prepared for forward disposal.

Solvent processing and recovery
SWOPS provides full traceability for incoming/outgoing load analysis for solvent processing.

Sorting of laboratory smalls
SWOPS can cater for laboratory waste management where the need to identify multiple waste streams and combinations under HAZ pack services is catered for. This is often the case with aged chemical inventories and unwanted laboratory chemicals.

Electronic documentation
All the legal requirements of waste movement and customer compliance protection are catered for by SWOPS including the printing of Waste Transfer and Consignment Notes. Combined Job Ticket and Waste Transfer Notes are produced containing all relevant job and legislative details including UN numbers, proper Shipping Name, Trem Card information.

In addition to increased overall speed and efficiency, SWOPS allows clients to monitor the exact status of any customer consignment at any time. The system’s scope also includes monitoring of many internal functions from fleet management to best option disposals, all providing further operational efficiency which benefits the customer.
SWOPS has the functionality to print labelling requirements and packing groups based upon standard protocols.

Weighbridge control
SWOPS is fully integrated with the ISYS Gatehouse suite enabling treatment plants/transfer stations to complete the loop for incoming/outgoing load control.

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