ISYS muniDATA is a waste collections solution that has been written specifically for local authorities and their contractors.

Properties can be uploaded and updated from LLPG data.  Properties can have a number of containers and waste types associated with them.  Assisted and highlighted lifts can be configured and risk assessment notes recorded against properties, roads and rounds.

Rounds can be configured manually or via updates from third party routing packages.  Rounds can be monitored live, giving your transport staff exact location and round status.  Using the optional in-cab solution, exceptions such as bin not presented can be recorded and dealt with immediately.

ISYS muniDATA can link to bin lift equipment giving you real time weights, lifter usage statistics and bin identification.

Where RFId technology is used, muniDATA has the complete solution from handhelds to distribute and maintain bins to analysis and reporting to highlight ‘bin drift’, heavy bins and recycling performance.

muniDATA has an API available to help third party systems integrate and share the data.  For example, muniDATA can integrate to CRM, accounts and routing applications.

To find out more, please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a demonstration.