Trade waste software

ISYS Weighsoft has a brand new Trade Waste Collections module that manages the whole process, including contracts, duty of cares, round allocation, invoicing and reporting.

Weighsoft can also link direct to your bin lifts, providing you with valuable information such as bin identification, bin weights and lifter usage.

Trade waste contracts can be setup with as many items, actions and frequencies as required.  Contracts and Duty of Care documentation can be produced simply and emailed direct to customers.

Contract items can be scheduled and suspended easily.  Additional and ad-hoc work is catered for and customers who require a ticket or certificate of destruction can have one.

NEW FOR 2018 – Case Management.  All service issues can be recorded and tracked throughout your processes.  These ‘cases’ can be created automatically via the mobile devices and there are various tools to help you keep your service levels as high as possible, such as SLA alerts, case templates and integrated emailing.

Weighsoft has a number of pricing and invoicing options; contracts can be advance or arrears.  Bins can be charged by weight and sundry charges can be applied.

KPIs and management reports are available to give you real-time analysis of your rounds, active contracts, expiring contracts and vehicle performance.

Many customers now operate fleets with on-board weighing and bin identification.  ISYS Weighsoft can currently process data from Terberg Matec, Moba, VWS, AMCS and PM On-Board.

The new ISYS Weighsoft trade waste module can also link through to either in-cab displays or handheld terminals.  These enable transport managers to re-organise their schedules throughout the day and let drivers collect signatures for work.

To find out more about our Trade Waste software, please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a demonstration.